Johnny Mayer, Blues Musician

Robert Johnson, Crossroads, Sweet Home Chicago
Dedicated to Robert Johnson

Blues Jam (mp3)

By Johnny Mayer

The story begins when our boy packs a suitcase and guitar and heads down to the train station... thoughts of Robert Johnson runnin through his head... looking to find bright lights and flashy women, he boards a train that's Chicago Bound.

The train finally pulls into the station and our boy is all alone... nobody came to meet him... he winds up spending the night all alone on a cold bench with the panhandlers and a case of the Blues SO Bad.

After a sleepless night on the bench... it's early in the morning and our boy puts his guitar in a locker.. and goes out for a walk in the "Windy City". And who does he run in to walkin down the street? Why if it isn't Buddy Guy lookin' to buy a 1/2 Pint.

Well, our boy wastes no time telling Buddy Guy that he can play guitar just the "Iceman" himself - Albert Collins... Buddy goes, "Ah, yeah sure" and says, "Hey, tell you what, come on down to my club tonite and show me some of that Ice Pickin'.

Talk about being on cloud nine... our boy can't wait to tell his friends back home about meeting Buddy Guy and sitting in with the band. He thinks to himself... "Man, this is the best thing that happened to me since I met that girl last summer out on Highway 49.

Back at the train station, our boy takes his guitar out of the locker and and starts running down them licks… his mind running wild... he's gonna show Buddy Guy and the whole world, he's cool, he can make that guitar growl like a V-8 Cadillac.

It's almost show time and our boy is rarin' to go thanks to a couple of drinks he had at the bar. He's waits and waits and WAITS… and sure enough... Buddy Guy calls him up on stage. Our boy grabs his guitar, feels for his pick... and... the next thing he remembers is feeling lost in a on a long, dark highway in a hazy Blue Midnight.

On the train home, our boy is thinkin' what to tell his friends... in the end, he decides to just tell 'em the truth.... "Yeah, and after I sat in, Buddy Guy asked me to join the band, begged me in fact... Buddy said "Man, we'll tour with Eric Clapton and have more fun that a Roller Coaster!

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