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Johnny Mayer, Blues Musician

Johnny Mayer Blues Band
Steve Rodan, Nadav Haber, Larry Gamliel, Johnny Mayer, Yoni Alush

Johnny Mayer Band

Blues With Andrenalin!

The Johnny Mayer Blues Band is a mystery in Israel... few people have heard the band while about a million people have visited the Blues for Peace website created by Johnny Mayer. You think the blues in Israel is zzzzzzzzzzz... check your pacemaker and check out this band!

Our music comes from shared roots... blues, funk, jazz, R&B, reggae... Our jams will take you back to places you haven't been in eons... your childhood, relations, feelings of being on cloud nine and down in the dumps. You won't find another beat up, beat down, band of blues prophets like this in Israel - thats for sure!

The members of the band are the hard core "unsung hero's of the blues" in Israel. These guys get no respect and for that I love them... and once you hear them, you'll love 'em too!

Johnny Mayer, guitar , blues harp, vocals
Steve Rodan, guitar, bass, vocals
Nadav Haber, alto and tenor sax
Larry Gamiliel, keyboards
Natli Alush, vocals
Yonat Alush, drums

Larry Gamiliel recently passed away. May his memory be blessed.

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For bookings - 0528237707 או Contact Johnny

Johnny Mayer, Blues Dreams
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