Johnny Mayer, Blues Musician

Johnny Mayer Blues Guitar Player

Johnny Mayer

"Sorry, never heard of him!"

Johnny Mayer (aka John Mayer) grew up in Milwaukee, WI and came to Israel after meeting to two cute girls at a party... since then he led blues bands, performed with leading Israeli musicians, wrote two blues guitar books published in Israel and broke a few hearts (and lots of guitar strings).

Johnny's motto is "Talk is cheap, people know good blues music when they hear it." Other Israeli blues musicians may be better known... but no one is more repsected, revered or feared on the Israeli blues scene... For bookings, lessons, dates and interviews, 052-8237707 or contact Johnny

Concert Reviews & Quotes

"Johnny Mayer has the "feel" like Eric Clapton from thrity years ago.." Shlomo Yisraeli, Kol Ha Musica, Israel Radio

"Johnny Mayer is a blues musician in his soul."
Hadara Levin Ardi, Itone Jerusalem.

"The band had the feel for the music and the crowd enjoyed themselves. Yuval Fiorko, Kol Ha-ir

"Mayer is pulling out all the stops to get his message out there." Barry Davis, Jerusalem Post.

"Writes typical, dumb American songs like nobody in Israel can write such a song... " Shlomo Artzi, famous Israeli singer.

"A fine person and a great musical potential."
Jimmy Cheatham (trombone, Duke Ellington)

Blues For Peace

Founder of Blues For Peace

Blues for Peace was established in Israel by Johnny Mayer to honor the roots of blues music and promote peace and the understanding that ALL peoples have had their share of the blues. The Blues for Peace slogan is "And they shall beat their swords into Guitars..."

Granada II Portal

Blues for Peace was recgonized by UNESCO as a project that promotes the "Culture of Peace". Each month, 180,000 people visit the BFP site that has has appeared in Downbeat, USA Today, PBS, CNN, BBC Global Hit, BluesWax, Jerusalem Post, Maariv... See Reviews.

Johnny Mayer Blues Band

Johnny Mayer Blues Band at the Summer Blues Festival in Tel Aviv.

Author of Blues Guitar Books

Blues Guitar Band - Modan

Advanced - theory, scales, licks
48 pages, notes and TAB
CD has 80 tracks & playbacks


Blues Rock Guitar - Mifalae Tarbut

Beginner blues guitar in Hebrew!
24 pages, notes and TAB
Cassette - licks & plabacks

Education & Affiliations

BS Music Education, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Member ACUM, Israel Society Composers & Playwrights

Johnny Mayer, Blues Guitar, Harmonica

Bookings - 052-8237707 рх Contact Johnny

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